We have a comprehensive curriculum planning mechanism. The curriculum is designed according to the Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide. Placing children in the centre of their learning, our curriculum is tailored to meet students’ interests and life experiences to help them attain holistic development.

Teaching Objectives

We focus on providing an enjoyable learning environment for children. Placing children at the notional centre of their learning, we aim to foster in them a balanced development in the domains of ethics, intellect, physique, social skills and aesthetics. Designed to meet the development needs of children, our curriculum incorporates a variety of learning approaches and engages children in play activities to stimulate children’s interest in learning, instill in them a positive attitude for learning, promote their cognitive development, develop their skills and attitudes, thus laying a solid foundation for future learning.

Learning Approach

Learning objectives are set in accordance with children’s needs in development. Learning activities covering the 6 major learning areas – languages, early mathematics, art, science and technology, self and society, physical fitness and health – are designed to enrich children’s life experiences and also make learning more effective and enjoyable. We adopt a variety of teaching approaches, including “Theme-Based Approach to Integrated Learning”, “Learning through Picture Books”, “Life-Wide Learning”, “Project-Based Learning”, “Learning Through Exploration”, “Group Learning” and “Learning Corners”, as well as invite professionals to hold “Project-based Talks”, to foster children’s cognitive, language, emotional, social, physical development and generic skills, helping children construct knowledge and cultivating in them positive values and attitudes.