Parent-Teacher Association

Established in 2002, our Parent-Teacher Association holds meetings and different types of parent-child activities, workshops and parenting talks regularly in order to develop effective parent-school communication and establish a productive partnership with parents in promoting the school’s development.

Home-School Collaboration

We place great emphasis on home-school collaboration. Other than building a communication bridge between the school and parents through the Parent-Teacher Association, we also maintain a consistent, reciprocal communication with parents through different means, such as suggestion box, handbook, letters, phone calls, talking with parents during the pick-up and drop-off period, scheduling meetings between the parents and teachers or the principal. A range of parent-child activities are held regularly too, including parent-child trip, Christmas party, nursery rhyme performance, parent-child sports day, parenting talks, parenting workshops, parent-child reading programme. Parents are also invited to be volunteers to assist in school activities. We have established a partnership with parents to facilitate the school’s continuous development.

Parent Observation in the Classroom

We invite parents to observe their children’s classes every year so that they can get a better understanding of their children’s learning, and thus they are able to join hands with us to promote their children’s learning.

Parents’ Day

It enables parents to gain a better understanding of their children’s learning at school. Our teachers will also meet with parents to explore ways to help with children’s development in different domains.

Adaptation Week for New Students

New students will have an adaptation week with progressive school hours in the company of their parents to gradually transition to a regular school day.