Salute to all teachers in Hong Kong

The Education Bureau (EDB) today (September 10) expressed wholehearted respect to all teachers (including principals) in Hong Kong on the annual Teachers’ Day.
     A spokesman for the EDB said, “Though the ‘Teacher Tribute 2020 – Teacher Respect Day Celebration and Commendation Ceremony’ has been postponed to November 4 due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the EDB appeals to all students, parents and all sectors of the community to pay tribute to teachers on the Teachers’ Day, and thank them for their selfless dedication, especially their great efforts and hard work in facilitating students to achieve the goal of ‘suspending classes without suspending learning’ for more than half a year.”
     He said, “In light of the evolving situation of COVID-19 since the beginning of this year, face-to-face classes have been suspended except for the short period of class resumption between end May and early July. Teachers have adopted various means (including the use of electronic platforms) to help students learn at home. The new learning and teaching mode has brought unprecedented challenges to teachers, and may have increased their workload. Yet at the same time, teachers have kept making new attempts and managed to overcome a lot of difficulties for the sake of students, demonstrating boundless creativity while exploring beyond their limits, leading to fruitful learning and teaching experiences.”

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