Support Services for Our Students

  1. An orientation day to help parents prepare for their children’s new school life.
  2. An adaptation week with progressive school hours to help new students gradually adapt to the new school life.
  3. Adapt curriculum for and provide assistance to newly-arrived children or transfer students.
  4. P.1 information day to support parents on the selection of primary schools.
  5. Primary school visits and primary school activities to let children experience primary school life.
  6. Establish Grasshopper Scout and Road Safety Patrol Team to develop children’s team spirit and teach them to love and care for each other.
  7. A comprehensive support system that provides professional counselling and referral services for children with special needs. 

Free On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services

We join hands with Heep Hong Society to provide On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services for our students.

Objective:To provide school-based professional training so that children with special needs are able to access the necessary training early in the “golden training period”.
Service team: A professional team comprised of social workers, speech therapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, educational psychologists and special education childcare workers.

Scope of service:

*Provide on-site individual, class-based and group rehabilitation services/training to children, supplemented with training at centres with rehabilitation facilities

* Give professional advice to kindergarten teachers and assist teachers in taking care of children with learning needs or emotional and behaviourial problems

* Help children with special needs fit in a mainstream classroom

* Equip parents with positive attitudes and necessary skills of nourishing children with special needs

Pilot Scheme on Social Work Service for Pre-Primary Institutions

We work with Heep Hong Society to provide the Pilot Scheme on Social Work Service for Pre-primary Institutions.

Our on-site social worker is on duty every Tuesday and Friday.
** To adopt early identification and intervention on children and family with potential problems.

* To cultivate positive emotions in children and strengthen their social skills

* To strengthen children’s resilience and problem-solving skills

* To promote an intimate parent-child relationship, strong parent-child communication and build strong family ties

* To provide professional support and consultations to teaching staff for adopting identification and intervention on         children with special needs

* To promote the partnership between the school and community resources and to expand the support network.

Target audience: Our students and their family members

Scope of service: Provide children and family with consultations emotional management therapy, crisis management, counselling and referral services. Organise parenting talks and training courses for teaching staff.

Support Measures for NCS Students

* To enhance NCS students’ motivation in learning Chinese language

* To take care of the growing needs among NCS students and local students

* To develop inclusive learning in school and to help NCS students achieve better social integration

Curriculum content

* We use Cantonese as the medium of instruction in order to ignite NCS students’ interest in learning Cantonese

* Classroom and teaching materials are decorated with Chinese elements. To enhance NCS students’ interest in learning Chinese             language

 * Adopting effective and interactive learning methods, NCS students will acquire Chinese in listening, speaking, reading and writing         through stories and games

Cultural diversity and integration

* NCS students and local students are encouraged to establish friendship and develop mutual appreciation

* The school would organize theme-based cultrual activities such as Chinese National Costume Day, to promote Chinese culture

Teacher’s qualifications

* We have teacher responsible for the exclusive school-based professional support work of the NCS students which includes                     curriculum planning, lesson teaching and parent liaison work, etc.

* The special NCS support teacher is well-qualified with the professional qualifications and relevant training

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